Annelies Bakker LogoAs an independent publisher in the Netherlands, I publish colouring books for grown ups, postcards and colouring tiles. Another project is the book about my grandfather.

Colouring Books for Grown Ups

Together with my mother and artist Greet Haasnoot we developed the concept of colouring books for grown ups. We both believe in the relaxing character of colouring. Each book takes its story from traveling to a specific place. During these travels we collect motifs through rubbings from reliefs or pictures which are then drawn by hand. The lines follow the exact handwriting of the craftsman who made the design centuries ago.

The book about my grandfather

The book Bas Haasnoot Jutter Kunstenaar is about the oeuvre of my grandfather and artist Bas Haasnoot, who passed away in 2013. The publication is a collaboration with my mother (his daughter) Greet Haasnoot, my brother (his grandson) Christiaan Bakker, curator André Groeneveld, Dorien van den Berg from Natural Styling and photographer Dick Hogewoning. The book accompanied an exhibition honoured to Bas Haasnoot at the Katwijks Museum. In January 2014 the Meerburgprijs was awarded to this book project. You can order the book here.

Silk Road © Bas Haasnoot

Bas Haasnoot © Greet Haasnoot

Art book preparation © Annelies Bakker

Zeebeesten @ Bas Haasnoot

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